Using Professional Photography to Market Your Rental Property

By October 15, 2016Landlord Tips
Using Professional Photography to market your rental property

The rental market has become a very competitive space. You have just seconds to grab a potential Tenant’s attention as they filter through online listings. The expression, “You never have a second chance to make a First Impression”, is never more relevant than in marketing.

Here’s why we recommend our clients allow us to engage the services of a professional real estate photographer on their behalf:

Properties with professional photos rent faster

Every week your property remains vacant means lost rental income. Professional photos draw more attention to your listing, resulting in more enquiries and inspections from potential Tenants. We understand that $130 for 6 images is an additional cost, but professional photos can mean the difference between losing weeks of rental income and speeding up the rental process of securing your next Tenant. On average properties with professional images rent 70% faster.

One property we recently took over from another agency had been advertised for 5 weeks with little interest. We felt the asking price was actually on the low side. We arranged professional photographs, wrote some professional marketing text and put the price up by $10. It rented 48 hours after the professional images were uploaded – $130 well spent. Those images can be now be used every time we are looking for a new tenant for that property.

Professional photograph before and after

Professional photos show your property in its best light

Poor quality photos with bad lighting degrade your property by making it appear small and dark, which is a turn-off for potential Tenants. A skilled real estate photographer will use lighting and composition to make your property look fresh. Wide angle lenses show more of the features and layout of the property. With today’s large fridges, lounge suites and televisions, tenants want to see whether their belongings will fit in comfortably.

Professional photos attract a higher calibre of tenant

We live in a world of sophisticated online marketing. Quality photos together with well written marketing copy ultimately attract better quality tenants and will ensure you achieve optimal rent. Have a look online, you will see so many poor quality and poorly composed photos taken on a smart device showing untidy gardens, clutter, cars in photos etc. The inference can be that the owner, or the property manager doesn’t care about the condition of the property, sending the wrong message to the potential Tenant. More interest in your property attracts more applications allowing your property manager to be very selective about who to recommend to you as a preferred Tenant.

Professional photos are a smart investment

Professional photos are a tax deductable expense and if nothing significant has changed in the property, the photos can also be re-used well into the future. This can be very useful if a Tenant objects to having photos taken and displayed showing their belongings, or where either their decorating taste or standard of presentation don’t do the property any favours. Other people’s clutter can be very off putting.

Professional photos can be used when the time comes to sell

If you have any intention of selling the property at some point in the future, a set of professional photographs showing the house at its best can be used. Your selling agent will be able to use the photos not only for online marketing but also in brochures or print media, ultimately attracting a better sales outcome.

Professional photography isn’t a luxury anymore, it’s a necessity, with research suggesting that professionally photographed properties receive far greater levels of enquires, are leased up to 70% faster and for a greater rental return than their less visually appealing counterparts.

Contact us for more advice on how to attract the best tenants and the best return for your investment property – we treat your property as if it was our own – and that makes all the difference!

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