We believe property ownership is the single greatest wealth builder available to Australians.

It provides the real opportunity to control your financial future, nurture your family, travel, enjoy life and retire with peace of mind. We are passionate about the opportunity to share our expert knowledge and experience with those who want to create financial independence through property.

We also believe quality communication is the cornerstone for a successful property management relationship and that focus produces the best results. That’s why Property Only only manages property!

Click here to enquire about having us manage Your Investment property with care, Like we own it!

Property Only takes a unique perspective on property. The company was born in 2004 on the knowledge and experience that residential property investment is the key to wealth creation.

The company founder, Keith Grisman, purchased his first property at age 17, and went on to own upwards of 100 residential properties throughout his investment career and over 50 at one time. He’s also made mistakes, many, but it’s these lessons that are applied in the way we manage property more effectively.

Confronted by a stream of Real Estate Agent Principal’s who had never themselves owned investment property and who were running teams of inexperienced and careless staff. Frustrated by poor communication from property managers too often, not returning phone calls, constant rent arrears, property maintenance that wasn’t completed appropriately causing expenses to building up and periodic inspections not been conducted, Keith decided there was a better way.

Now joined by his wife, Melanie Summer, both Mel and Keith’s vision for Property Only is to address these shortcomings of the industry but also to maximize investment returns for owners while trying to eliminate the often time-consuming and stressful nature of property ownership.

Created by a passionate property investor and comprised of a likeminded team of industry professionals, Property Only prides itself on delivering proactive, efficient and comprehensive property management services across South East Queensland.

We love what we do… and that’s where the real difference lies.

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