What is the bond for and where does it go?

When you pick up your keys, you will be required to pay a bond (typically 4 weeks rent*) which will be forwarded to the Residential Tenancies Authority (RTA) and held in trust. Your rental bond will be refunded to you promptly after you have vacated the property provided that your rent is up to date, there are no monies owing for cleaning, repairs and water usage and the property is vacated in a satisfactory state with no damage.

To apply for the bond refund, a bond refund form must be signed by both you and the agency.  This form will then be submitted to the RTA for deposit of funds into your bank account.

*For general tenancies the law says if the rent is $700 or less per week, the maximum bond amount is four weeks rent. If the weekly rent is higher than $700, the amount of bond should be negotiated between the lessor/agent and tenant. The law gives no maximum amount where the weekly rent is higher than $700.

How often do Property Only carry out inspections

Property Only carry out inspections every 3-4 months. You will be given a minimum 7 days notice of the upcoming inspection.

I have a repair, what do I do?

To ensure we are made aware of the repair immediately, please email your property manager as soon as the requirement for repair is realized. In the event that the repairs are required after office hours, or on a public holiday, the repairs will be tended to promptly on the next business day.

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What happens if I misplace my keys?

Your property manager will retain a duplicate set of keys in a secure location at our office. We do this in case we need to access the property in an emergency.

If you do want to change the locks, you will need to submit the request in writing and obtain written approval from your property manager before doing so. You will then be required to supply your property manager with a spare set of the new keys.

Can I have a pet?

Some properties allow pets and others do not. If the property allows pets you will need to submit a Pet Application Form for your pet to be considered. Ultimately the property owner will have the final say on whether your pet is allowed or not.

What penalties will I incur if I break my lease early?

If you break your lease you will be responsible for continuing to pay rent until a new tenant can be found. You will also be responsible for paying a re-letting fee and any other related expenses until a new tenant takes over your responsibility. We are more than happy to help in such circumstances and will assist in finding replacement tenants for you as soon as possible.

Can another person move in with me?

You must seek permission to add people to your lease. Additional tenants will have to complete our application process and be added to the lease. We may refuse your request if the property is unsuitable for an additional person or the person you are proposing does not meet our eligibility criteria.