7 Damage-free Decorating Tips For Your Renter

By March 2, 2018Landlord Tips

Home decorating can be a bit of an issue between tenants and landlords. One side of the problem is that tenants want to personalise their space to make it feel homely. The other side is that landlords don’t want to have to pay for the potential property damage. And both parties present valid viewpoints. So how do you compromise? Well, fortunately, there’s some great decorating ideas renters can do to liven up their living space, and they’re completely damage-free. Here’s our top 7 tips to decorate a rental without causing any property damage.

1. Temporary wallpaper

I’m willing to bet there’s a few of you who didn’t even know temporary wallpaper was a thing. Well, it is. And it looks like the real deal. Not only are they easily removable without stripping paint off the walls, but some wallpapers are even reusable. Check out some of the funky designs at www.removablewallpaper.com.au or design your own print with www.pickawall.com.au.

 2. Adhesive hanging hooks

Nail holes in walls from paintings and photographs are pretty unsightly, and they’re a real pain in the neck to cover. Instead of hammering into the plaster, consider using adhesive hooks instead. You can still decorate the walls with family photos and artworks, and when you leave just remove the adhesive. No damage, no bond issues. Simple!

3. String lights

This is one of the easiest, yet most effective, ways to brighten up a room – literally. Nothing adds a touch of magic like a string of fairy lights. And the best part is that they’re so versatile. You can hang them in the kids’ room, from the curtains, out on the deck, or even draped through the shrubs or small trees in the garden. Their soft glow is a charming complement to any occasion, so you never have to take them down.

4. Faux plants

A room can be completely transformed by simply adding a bit of greenery. Fortunately, faux plants have come a long way from the sad, almost neon-green plants only ever found in doctor’s surgeries. So now you can add a bit of life (or at least the impression of it) to your room without the risk of killing your plants when you go on holiday, or making a dirty, water-stained mess on the floor.

5. Throw pillows

It really doesn’t get any easier than this. Placing some colourful, stylish pillows on the couch, bed, or outdoor entertainment area can give a drab room an instant makeover. You don’t have to spend big bucks on pillows, and if you get bored with the design – change it! Additionally, for a more sophisticated touch, choose a colour theme to carry through the entire house and visitors will think you’re a home décor guru.

6. Folding screens

Folding screens add such a classic touch to your living space. And they’re not just for partitioning a room, either. A well-placed folding screen can act as a great feature against a blank wall, whether it’s classic charm or contemporary glam. And if you really can’t decide on a style, you can have both. Paint your folding screen on both sides and swap from design to the other depending on your mood.

7. Area rug

Got a lot of empty floor space you just don’t know how to fill? A unique, eye-catching rug will give the space a personal, vibrant lift. The benefits of having a rug is that it helps break up any long stretches of tile, and helps protect carpet from stains and general wear and tear. It’s a lot cheaper to replace a rug than it is to forfeit your bond for property damage to the carpet when you move out.

Just because you’re renting doesn’t mean you have to live with drab, boring surroundings. And even though property damage is a concern for both tenants and landlords, there’s fortunately a number of temporary, affordable home décor options that will keep both parties happy. And the best part – you can take it all with you for any future rentals, because it’s yours!


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