How to Ensure Rental Properties Are Rental Ready

By December 15, 2017Landlord Tips

When it comes to rental properties, tenants these days are spoilt for choice. With a plethora of options on the market, how do you make sure your property is the one they choose? Yes, cleanliness, presentation and functionality are all important factors, but the rental properties that are willing to go the extra mile are the ones that get the tenants. Because whatever features you – the property owner – fail to offer your tenant, rest assured the house down the road will. A dispute with an inconvenienced tenant is the last thing you want. Especially over issues that are so easily avoidable. So, aside from the expected basic maintenance to your property, how can you provide your tenant the best rental experience? Here’s our tips on some creature comforts that will increase the value of your property and appeal to prospective tenants.

1. Phone line to the property

In a growing digital world, landline telephones are almost obsolete. However, don’t just assume that nobody needs a phone line anymore. Your tenants may run a business from home and require a professional work phone. Or they may be of a generation that just doesn’t rely on their mobiles like the majority of society.

2. TV points

Ok, so most rental properties have a main connection point for a TV, but think of other places people like to watch TV. Like, in the bedroom, for example. And remember, people like to choose where to place their furniture; the more points available, the more choices they have.

3. TV aerial reliability

What’s worse than having your favourite TV show interrupted due to satellite interference? Nothing. The correct answer is nothing. That is, of course, assuming the aerial can pick up all TV channels at all. I have had personal experience with this issue more than once, and it’s one of the quickest ways to lose a tenant.

4. Internet accessibility & speed

It’s a no-brainer, guys. When internet connection is down the entire world comes to a screeching halt, basically. What do we want? Internet service! When do we want it? NOW!

5. Electrical outlets around the property

How can you expect your tenant to vacuum the floors properly if you don’t provide ample power points? But jokes aside, it is extremely frustrating to not have an electrical outlet handy where you need one. All rental properties should have at least one or two power outlets in each room, and multiple if the room is large.

6. Security screens

Not only does a lockable security screen provide added protection to your property, it is a necessity in Australian summers. Screens on doors and windows keep the property ventilated (without inviting insects), power bills down, and keep your tenant – and your property – safe.

7. Air conditioning

And speaking of Aussie summers… air conditioning is a must. Reverse cycle doubles are a win for winter, too. If you don’t fancy roasting in the sweltering summer heat of your home, then neither does a tenant. Rental properties with air conditioning are about as sought after as our next tip…

8. Dishwasher

Fortunately, you don’t need to spend a fortune on appliances to really ramp up the kitchen appeal. Even a budget dishwasher will do the job better than no dishwasher at all. It’s a luxury that’s so common these days many people won’t even consider a property without one.

9. Ceiling fans

Ceiling fans are an inexpensive addition that can add a ton of value to rental properties. Unless the ceilings in your property are particularly low, of course. In this instance, make sure you provide air conditioning and screens on doors and windows to maximize air flow.

10. Fenced yard

Two things a fenced yard offers is privacy and safety. A family with young kids probably won’t bother looking at the inside if there is no fence around the outside. Plus, a good fence adds an element of prestige to the property and helps deter people from wandering into the yard. And if you’ve got a fenced yard, why not make it…

11. Pet friendly

Our four-legged friends become part of the family, and finding permitting properties is a huge obstacle for renters with pets. If you have the means to, making your rental pet friendly will be a big green tick for tenants looking for a home for their fur babies, too.

12. Parking area

And finally, rental properties with ample parking spaces have a huge advantage. Not all properties provide designated parking, so if you can offer tenants are garage, carport, or plenty of driveway space, you’ll give yourself the upper hand.

The bottom line is, these features may not have inconvenienced you or another tenant in the past, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be major issues to someone else. Your relationship with tenants can quickly sour if they feel they can get a better deal from someone else. So don’t give them chance. You don’t need to blow the budget and provide every creature comfort on the list, but by just making a few upgrades here and there, you’ll not only add significant value to your property, you’ll add value to lives of those who live there. And from a tenant’s perspective, that’s a pretty good reason to stay!


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