How To Find Cheaper Alternatives To Interior Design Trends

Few things in life are more exciting than furnishing your new home with all the style and flair you like. Unless, of course, you have champagne taste on a beer budget, then it kind of loses its shine. But don’t worry! If the cost of your new investment has left you a little short on funds for interior design, we have some affordable solutions that rival the real thing. All you need to know is where to look. Here’s a few budget-friendly alternatives to nab some cheap –  but awesome – finishing touches.

Mix it up

The beauty of interior design is that its entirely subjective. All you really need is a couple of standout pieces, like a couch or bed, and fluff up the rest with a mish-mash of faux grandeur. These days, stores such as Big W, Kmart, Bunnings, Aldi and even The Reject Shop are savvy-shopper hotspots for bargain hunting. These cheaper department store brand-name imitations are only a fraction of the cost, but bring 100% of the effect.

Focus on finishes

Focus on the finishes to help gloss over the lackluster interiors. You can easily spruce things up with crisp, clean finishes which help bring everything together. The best part is that you can save big bucks by doing a lot of these things yourself. Paint and flooring can be picked up cheap, and re-upholstering existing furniture means you can update the theme without having to buy new.

Smaller items & affordable accessories

You don’t need to drop serious coin on designer names to achieve a classy, sophisticated look. There’s a magical place of affordable fancies called IKEA which will leave your guests none the wiser about the origin of your accessories. Don’t live near an IKEA? No problem, go check out Bunnings. They have a wide range of items like storage, handles, knobs and faucets. These smaller items are easy to install and will save you a heap of cash.

Secondhand is ‘so hot right now’

Vintage home décor has had a huge renaissance and oftentimes looks far more high-end than modern contemporary pieces. Scour secondhand shops for anything that is no longer in production to give your home a classic touch of exclusivity and sophistication.

Buy multipurpose items

This is a neat little dollar-saving trick if you have to buy new. Multipurpose items like couches with hidden storage or sofa beds mean you get a two for the price of one deal. Browse websites for inspiration (and bargains!) on large multi-use items to give your home the designer feel without the designer price tag.

Get creative

Nothing makes a house a home like a splash of personality with some thoughtful artwork. Check out your local market or craft stores, or if you’re up to the task, create something yourself. Pinterest has a stack of DIY craft ideas that will have a big impact on aesthetics rather than your finances.


Bring any room to life with a well-placed, completely ostentatious rug. These are great for blending elements of a room together and bringing warmth and texture to your interior design. Especially if you have large empty floor spaces that make your home feel a little industrial. But don’t go to one of those fancy rug stores and fork out hundreds of bucks. As mentioned earlier, places like IKEA and Kmart have quality rugs that will go the distance until you’re to upgrade.


Things often get pretty costly when it comes to major household appliances. Fridges, washers & dryers, dishwashers and all those electronic must-haves can seriously chew into your interior design budget. Your best bet is to shop at retailers who offer discounts for floor stock or whitegoods with minor scuff marks. And always compare prices and negotiate, you’d be surprised at how competitive some retailers are willing to be. Another avenue to consider is Gumtree. Peruse the listings regularly as it’s a fantastic resource for heavy-duty appliances, and as people are generally in a hurry to sell, you can often nab a bargain.


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  • Avatar C Gomez says:

    Great tips on how to gain fresh new looks on the cheap. I find the mirrors or framed art can totally change the look and feel of a room too. Doesn’t have to be expensive, art always has a perspective behind it. Also in bathrooms and kitchens choosing chrome tapware can make a big impact in certain cases.

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