Top 10 Space Saving Ideas For Small Houses

By October 6, 2017Landlord Tips

As more people flock to the suburbs, it seems housing space is becoming increasingly harder to find. Larger families want innovative ways to maximise living space, while singles or couples may just want to improve their cramped conditions. Whatever the goal, we’ve found top 10 space saving ideas for small houses that will suit every lifestyle – and budget!

1. Increase your cupboard space by using your walls!

Space saving is all about creating convenient storage space – so why not think vertically and use the vast spaces between our benches and our ceilings to store our things. Wire racks or cabinets can be mounted on walls to hang all kinds of things – scarves, keys, jackets, mugs – and in this picture even kitchen staples! Think of all the food cupboard space that’d save.

2. Shelves above washer and dryer

Now that you’ve created storage space under your washer, try adding some shelves above it. This is another simple, low-cost idea that will maximise space in your laundry as well as make it more user-friendly. Now you can keep any laundry soaps and detergents up high and out of the way, which means your laundry closet (if you have one) can be used more effectively.

3. Roll-out table under island bench

Running out of bench space in your tiny kitchen? Installing a roll-out table underneath your island bench creates extra working space in an instant. The benefit of having a roll-out table is that you only use the space when you need it. It can be easy to clutter benches with items that don’t belong there, but a roll-out will ensure there’s always space when you need it. It’s also great for kids who love to help in the kitchen, too!

4. Under stairs storage

As far as space saving ideas go, this one is an absolute winner. All that empty, dead space underneath your staircase can be converted into storage with minimal effort required. It’s as simple as building some custom-made drawers with racks and shelves, and voila! Instant storage space. Less clutter.

5. Floor to ceiling bookshelf

Got a spare wall? Floor to ceiling storage works for more than just books (unless of course you just really love books!) This concept works even if you don’t have a spare wall. You can build a bookcase around door frames just as easily, and it adds a real element of style to your home.

6. More windows

It’s no surprise that a house with more windows appears bigger than a house of the same size with fewer. Not only do windows break up wall space and eliminate that ‘boxed in’ feeling, they also allow more natural light into the room. If creating physical space inside is a struggle, create the illusion of more space with the big wide world outside.

7. Outdoor furniture

It can be a tight squeeze trying to cram everything into your living room, which only makes the house feel small and cluttered. So why not take advantage of our beautiful Aussie weather and simply make your dining area your outdoor seating area. Whether it’s a patio or an open deck outside – outdoor settings these days are just as beautiful and comfy as any interior dining table. This option is of course not available to everyone – but for those who can take advantage of this tip, it can free up a lot of useful interior space (and it makes for a pretty jazzy way to dine too!)

8. Fold down table


This idea is genius, especially if you have kids!  This multi-purpose table simply latches to the wall and can be folded down and back up in just seconds. Got visitors and not enough table space? Fold down the table for the kids. Art projects? Sorted! You can even construct a modified version and use it as a baby change table if you’re short on space in the nursery. It’s therefore an all round win-win.

9. Install a breakfast bar

A breakfast bar is a no-fuss, low-cost solution to creating extra dining space in your kitchen. It’s also super stylish and suits both contemporary and more rustic, country living. The options are endless. Whether it’s an add-on to an existing bench, or a stand-alone counter under a window, the results are sure to amaze.

10. Do a whole room in white

White makes everything appear bigger and brighter. The combination of white walls and white furniture opens a room up substantially, particularly in the kitchen. While it’s not a space saving ideas per se, it is a good way to make a tiny room feel more spacious, and with plenty of natural sunlight, it will transform from drab to fab.

Your home is your castle, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a palatial mansion to feel bigger. If your house is a little low on space, try some of these simple ideas for space saving solutions.

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  • Avatar Ven says:

    Ur ideas are amazing….like it..all of myideas r der…

  • Avatar Aiden Edinburgh says:

    I live in a small apartment and all these tips are useful. I struggle with accomodating all necessary furniture in available space. Do you know of anywhere I can get furniture which takes up less space or can fold away or reduce in size when needed?

  • Avatar Raeshmiya says:

    Great article! This will be really helpful while building my house. Thank you.

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