Looking Forward: Sunshine Coast Developments Taking Shape

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In 2017 we saw huge developments kick off around the Sunshine Coast. Many of these projects are beginning to take shape in 2018, which has generated real interest in the region, from local, national and global audiences.

The Sunshine Coast economy was ranked second best-performing non-capital city region in Queensland for 2015-2016 and the fifth highest nationally. So, it makes sense that the QLD government would be investing their money in our lucrative region.

Some of these projects include:


  • The Sunshine Coast University Hospital

The new public hospital hopes to revolutionize the Sunshine Coast healthcare system. It offers a range of free public healthcare services supported by highly trained and specialised staff. There’s hopes it will continue to grow throughout the next four years to 740-900 beds and beyond.


  • Sunshine Plaza Expansion

Progress on Sunshine Plaza’s exciting expansion is well underway. The expansion will home David Jones, Big W and over 100 new specialty stores. Another exciting and unique features is the high ropes course. This will consist of the course, a 21m high viewing deck and 10 zip lines. The longest stretching 130m across Cornmeal Creek.


  • ‘Aura’ Caloundra South Development

Aura will be home to over 20 000 residential dwellings, +200km of future bikeways and walking paths, 90ha city centre & village shopping centres, over 700ha of conservation and park areas, 20 learning hubs within a 20km radius.


  • ‘Sun Central’ in Maroochydore CBD

The Sunshine Coast suburb of Maroochydore is on track for a huge makeover. The chosen site is currently home to an old golf course. But, over the course of the next few years it will transform into a $300 million CBD, standing as the only greenfield city heart in Australia. The development is focused around technology and innovation, such as Australia’s first underground rubbish collection system. It will comprise of retail and commercial premises, a five-star hotel, convention and entertainment centre, light rail and lakes and parks. The government hopes it will create more than 15000 jobs and boost the QLD economy by $350 million by 2025.


  • Sunshine Coast Airport Expansion

The Sunshine Coast Airport expansion has been an idea on the minds of Sunshine coast residents for years. Currently, the only international flights are to New Zealand and they only operate seasonally. Most importantly, the expansion will consist of a new 2450m x 450m runway, which will allow 787 dreamliners will be able to fly in from Asia. It’s predicted that the upgrade could exceed $4.1 billion in economic benefit for the region over 20 years.


For anyone living on the Sunshine Coast, these developments stand to represent a bright and exciting future. As demand continues to grow within the region, enhanced by continual new entrants to the market, which is coupled by shorter supply is leading to investors being more willing to accept lower yields in order to secure an outcome.

While they may seem like hindrances now (roadworks, delays and worksite noise is not fun for anyone), wait until these developments begin to take off and see what they can do for our local economy and national image!

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